Early bird catches the early train..

For my first blog post.. it's all about my 'good' morning.

Wanting to try a new route going to office where I could finally have the luxury of getting a seat for once.. alarms were set 6am, few minutes earlier than my usual routine.

House (around 15min walk) --> Zengyou Eki (Odakyu ) --> Fujisawa (Tokaido - 22mins)--> Yokohama (Negishi) --> Sakuragicho --> (around 15min walk to office)   
[i know!! it's that long and most of the time from the moment a got out of my house, next time i will be sitting is once i got into my desk... ... that's why i'm so excited with my new route discovery.]

House (around 15min walk) --> Zengyou Eki (Odakyu) --> Fujisawa (Tokaido)--> Ofuna (Negishi - 28mins SITTING) --> Sakuragicho --> (around 15min walk to office)
Morning came, 10mins before 6am and I'm already awake. Great! Start the morning right.

Dragged myself into the bathroom then tried to prepare some meatball topped with supposedly bechamel sauce (well, almost... .. i'll try to post stuff about my kitchen expertise on another blog **wink**) for my lunch. Checked the weather before going out.. nice, it's not raining, that's new.

Had a leisure walk going to Zengyou eki (Zengyou station). Loose track of my time, tried to run but too bad, I'm like 3 seconds short and I would've caught it. Huff.. Well, I need to be optimistic.. anyway, I still have the next train as a buffer.

Everything went as planned, transfered to Negishi line and voala! train car is not AT ALL crowded (ureshii!!). It paid off! ^___^ ... I made the most of my glorious moment, finished a chapter of my book then decided to sleep... 

... one thing you should NOT be doing when trying a new route.

Woke up with the announcement 'Mamonaku, Yokohama..' ('Arriving at Yokohama') .... @#$%^&*( ...What?!!! Why Am I here?! .. Calming myself I thought, with my usual route I go to Sakuragicho after Yokohama so this should be ok...

Doors closed, I left my seat to check.. There.. For Negishi-line, Sakuragicho comes before Yokohama... which means, I'm going further away from my stop!! My good morning is over. 
I ran for the next train back.. Walk my a** off to office with all the haggardness I could have.

Yeah... the early bird may catch the early train but can still be late and tired anyway.